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Contracts govern many aspects of our daily lives. From leases to contractual agreements for the purchase of goods, services, property, an ownership stake in a business, before/after a marriage and more, the details in a contract can greatly impact your interests and your future. 


At Namdar Law we have the experience you need for your contracts. Whether you need a contract reviewed, a custom agreement drafted, or help negotiating a contractual agreement, we can help. 


Before you sign on the dotted line for any contract, you should have an attorney review it to make sure your best interests are covered. Contact Us Today.  

General Contracts

- LLC Contracts
- Partnership Agreements and Contracts
- Vendor Contracts
- Supplier Contracts
- Service Contracts
- Employee Contracts
- Non-compete Agreements and Contracts
- Non-disclosure Agreements and Contracts
- Independent Contractor Agreements
- Franchising Agreements and Contracts
- Licensing Agreements and Contracts
- Manufacturing Agreements and Contracts
- Business Sale Agreements and Contracts
- Purchase Sale Agreements and Contracts
- Sale of Business Agreements and Contracts
- Leases
- Residential Leases
- Residential Purchase Agreements and Contracts
- Commercial Leases
- Commercial Lease Agreements and Contracts
- Contract Negotiations
- General Business Matter Contracts


Business Formations

- Sole Proprietorships
- Partnerships
- Limited Partnerships 
- Texas State Filings
- DBA Filings
- Name Change Filings
- Registered Agent Filings
- Trademarks
- Registering a Foreign (Out of State) Entity
- Amended Filings
- Reinstatements 


Government Contracts

- FAR regulations
- RFP (Request for Proposals)
- RFQ (Request for Quotes)
- Firm fixed price contracts
- Fixed price contracts with economic price adjustment
- Fixed price incentive contracts
- Fixed contracts with prospective price redetermination
- Fixed ceiling price contracts with retroactive price redetermination
- Firm fixed price , level of effort term contract
- Cost-Reimbursement contract
- Cost contracts
- Cost sharing contracts
- Cost plus incentive fee 
- Cost plus award fee contracts
- Cost plus fixed fee contracts
- Incentive contracts
- Fixed price incentive contracts
- Fixed price contract with award fees
- Cost-reimbursement incentive contracts
- Indefinite Delivery Contracts
- Definite quantity contracts
- Requirement contracts
- Indefinite quantity contracts
- Time and Materials, Labor Hour, and Letter Contracts
- Time and Materials Contracts
- Labor Hour Contracts
- Letter Contracts
- Unsolicited Bids and Contract Proposals

Contract Review



Sports Contracts

Real Estate

- Professional Service Contracts
- Endorsement Contracts
- Appearance Contracts
- Player Contracts
- Coach Contracts
- Sponsorship Agreements and Contracts
- Medical and Support Staff Contracts
- Intellectual Property Issues
- Trademark
- Copyright
- Copyright Registration
- Copyright Licensing
- TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, internet & news media Contracts
- Confidentiality Agreements and Contracts
- Defamation and Publicity Agreements and Contracts
- Licensing Agreements and Contracts
- Option Agreements and Contracts
- Talent Agreements and Contracts
- Distribution Agreements and Contracts

- Commercial Real Estate Contracts
- Residential Real Estate Contracts
- Land Development Contracts
- Easements
- City Permits and Codes 
- Lease Agreements and Contracts
- Land Acquisition Agreements and Contracts
- Liens
- Oil and Gas Law and Contracts
- Oil and Gas Royalty Agreements
- Oil and Gas Production Contracts
- International Petroleum Contracts
- Real Estate Trusts
- Real Estate Transfers
- Real Estate Purchase Agreements
- Real Estate Contracts



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